Florida Authors in the House (FAITH) is a venture between the experienced, published author  Tom Richmond and his new co-author, Susan Bandy.  Their first work together, Five beneath Philly, was published and released on 9/27/2017.  This story takes place in the 1960s in Philadelphia.  Times in South Philly were tough and families had to stick together. Many times children were encouraged and led to follow in the footsteps of their parents.  This practice left no creativity in decision making to the young adult whatsoever. 

The Winnower was released on 9/18/2017 by the co-authors, as well.  The Winnower, a historical fiction which takes place in the mid to late 1820s, is an accurate depiction of the times and struggles of that era.  The Winnower paints an accurate description of the prairies of Illinois and the various inhabitants of the region at the time. The character of a young man built in the religious colony is enhanced during his abandonment by his colony.  He is lost, but found by the Indian tribes of southwestern Illinois.The character of this young man is developed in him through mentoring of those he encounters and he comes of age.  He learns about character, the Indian tribes and their practices in Illinois, how to take care of himself as a young man, and how to live among those he “thought” were his friends and with those he “thought” he had shared beliefs.  This book is about leadership, defining your own sense of leadership, and learning to always be in touch with the ideals of the leaders you follow and those who represent you. 

Mr. Richmond previously published the books Panama, The Favored, Well of Gold, and Hollow Vengeance.  Each of these books has a great message and acquaints the reader with many parts of the world, while helping the reader learn a bit of history. The books immerse the reader in the time period and offer the reader a great story line.  You will find this to be true of the two new books, as well.   

floridaauthorsusa.com will keep you up to date on both new books, Five beneath Philly and The Winnower, and other dates of interest for those who follow the two authors.  There are always new books on the horizon from these two authors, so please check back often for updates. Information on purchasing books is available on this website for your convenience.  Please feel free to email us at info@floridaauthorsusa.com, too.  More information on audio books and their release is coming soon. 

Our interest in history and the love of writing led us to form our partnership.  We have many ideas for future books to come which are coming to fruition now.  The adventure of history and the uniqueness of each story will continue to be the basis for our books.  Tom’s background as a historian and history professor, pilot, and college professor and Susan’s background as a history teacher, college professor, non-profit director, and educator at several levels assist us in creating works which will be interesting and readable for many audiences and age levels.  

By keeping our readers up to date on our work and potential works, we hope to create a writing path readers will look forward to following with us.  Let’s explore!

Tom Richmond

Tom Richmond  is a retired history instructor and professor, Vietnam Veteran, and pilot.  He holds a Master of Arts Degree in History Education from the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.  His other publications include Panama, The Favored, Well of Gold, and Hollow Vengeance.  He is working on his next historical fiction novel titled Bay Roses, a story of love/revenge set in Southeast Asia, Tampa, Florida, and Panama.

Most of his life he has resided in Florida, though he travels frequently throughout the world.  He has traveled all fifty states and he has visited Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries in the Caribbean basin frequently.

His interests include aviation history, music, flying, reading, and, of course, writing.

Susan Bandy

Susan Bandy  has spent her life in education teaching at all levels-from kindergarten through graduate students. Currently, she assists teacher candidates in obtaining their Illinois Teacher’s License.   Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degree from the University of Illinois in Education and Psychology, with a minor in English.   

She enjoys travel, reading, music, spending time with her family, and, of course, writing.  Writing is an adventure far beyond what she had expected to undertake in her life and it has become one of her greatest joys. 

The application of historical facts which can be learned by the reader in historical fiction, along with the story which has been created even makes writing more fun and gives the reader a great chance to learn.  She derives satisfaction in being able to bring these things to her reader.