Welcome to F.A.I.T.H. – Florida Authors In The House

Welcome to our new website where we will be showcasing Tom Richmond’s current and future novels with his new co-author Susan Bandy.  Below are the synopses of their next two new books.

 Five beneath Philly – Authors:  Tom Richmond and Susan Bandy

Allen Williams was already making something of his life. He was preparing himself for a meaningful future by earning excellent grades in High School. Also, he qualified for a full-ride scholarship enabling him to climb out of the squalor that was South Philly in the sixties. Clearly, he held dreams of a bright future ahead. Suddenly, tragedy stuck in the form of a fatal heart attack suffered by his dad. Fate cruelly changed his whole world. Being the oldest male in a family of six; his Father’s death left him responsible for the entire family. Although shaken by the awesome burden, he managed to overcome his fate by holding on tight to his dream.

Undaunted, both he and his High School sweetheart Amy, manage to overcome the adversity of their lives and survive an adventure of a lifetime. Sometimes his best friend, Vic, holds him back with his ungrateful, ill-mannered ways, but not this time. Ultimately, he and his three close friends manage to survive an amazing adventure beneath the streets of Philadelphia, discovering historical treasures appraised beyond his wildest imaginings. In the end, Allen learns real courage emanates from following dreams you hold dear, wherever they may lead.

The Winnower – Authors:  Tom Richmond and Susan Bandy

In 1827, a cult in Western Illinois sequesters themselves. Shunned for their beliefs in polygamy, they struggle to adapt to their new environment. They’ve been driven from their colony in Rochester, New York, and they now isolate themselves guarding against the day when others will attack their community.

To ensure the commune’s future after years of inbreeding, elders choose the dark-eyed, black-haired Eli Thornman to become the winnower. He uses his imposing frame to his advantage, seeking to intimidate his fellow settlers. His freakish looks complete the image of a man bent on doing evil. As a youth, he was the victim of a horrendous attack on his commune in which he was severely burned, disfigured, and emasculated. Eventually, he becomes a twisted fiend who enjoys his elected duties as winnower of the weak and helpless too much.

With every victim he removes from life, he slips further toward the dark side. Many of his brethren never fully understand the underlying causes of his obsession with killing the infirm in his community. However; in time, they come to know the true horror of his inner being through the fulfillment of his ghastly duties as the winnower.