Well of Gold

Well Of Gold

Well of Gold

Four University of Florida graduate students discover the Darien Gap in Panama as they search for gold.  A map left behind by buccaneers in 1702 is used as their guide.  The jap says the gold is hidden in a well.  The map was there in 1702, but is the gold there now?

Terry Marston and his friends encounter many hardships while searching for the treasure through thick rain forests, encounter unfriendly inhabitants, and discover the dangerous rivers of the interior of Panama.  Eventually, they discover man is their greatest adversary, as they seek the gold hidden for over 300 years.

If the group of students can prevail, they will possess wealth beyond their wildest imaginings.  They must pit their skills and knowledge against the chaos of nature and the greed of man to succeed.  Only one survivor will remember 911. That is, Ecclesiastes 9: 11.

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