Bay Roses

Bay Roses

Bay Roses

By Tom Richmond & Susan Bandy 2019

   Bay Roses, the second book of the Justice Series, has arrived!!  Bay Roses finds Frank Barrett, Vietnam veteran and pilot living his dream of being a pilot, this time a private pilot.  He has joined forces with renowned insurance investigator, Curtis Selway.  Their work leads them through the back alleys and ports of Tampa, Florida in the late 1970s, when there were few rules of business, of protecting the environment, and eye for an eye was traditional in getting even.

Unprepared for what they would find in investigating, Frank steps into a new role of investigator. He’s drawn in to combat the back alley’s personal and environmental deception and destruction found in the streets, harbors, businesses, and even his own neighborhood at the time.

Frank has to make a commitment to join the crusade to stop this as he finds it unfolding or return to a comfortable life with Sandy and allow the disgusting corruption to continue.

Bay Roses is a thrill ride with twists and turns throughout Tampa, the northeast, international waters, and even Costa Rica, this time.   Frank’s life is threatened by him being shot at, left for dead nearly drowned, beaten, and his plane armed with a bomb to destroy him and his boss, Curtis, and all the knowledge they have ready to divulge. Or, were some of these occurrences just to help them understand they were much too close to the truth?

The Justice Series

    Bay Roses follows Frank Barrett’s adventures as a returned Vietnam War veteran, as his life becomes very complex.  Bay Roses follows Hollow Vengeance, first in the Justice Series, following the life of a returned veteran at this time in our country. The 1970s were a critical time for many who served their country as they reintegrated themselves back into society, and, for many, the society wasn’t what they remembered they were fighting for at the time.

    After following Frank Barrett in Hollow Vengeance and Bay Roses, you can look forward to continuing on Frank’s life journey in Tomorrow’s Enough, the third book in the Justice Series with a planned publication date of Spring 2020.